Grant Beck is an Australian based entrepreneur and Co-Founder/CEO of the BeThere™ Group, a start-up Insurtech company providing immersive 3D technology to enhance claims management and the customer experience. Grant cultivates his experience in the construction, insurance and emergency services sectors to deliver a cost-effective and strategic business model to aid in all areas of General Insurance loss. His ongoing Fire Forensics services to the insurance industry, allows him to bring both models together to provide a clear and concise understanding to all relevant parties, to better understand the extent and cause of a loss. In 2015 Grant entered the insurance industry employed as an internal building assessor, but it was not long before his employer quickly noticed his skill set, and his role was quickly diversified with a variety of roles which included:

• Incident Management during large weather and catastrophe events.

• Conflict Resolution.

• Handling of media and sensitive claims.

• Fire Investigation and fraudulent claims assessments.

• Creating and implementation of a catastrophe action plan

• Implementation of advancing technology to assist with the claims assessment model.

To date, Grant has attended over 2000 building insurance claims which include 160 Fire Forensic investigations spread across every state and territory in Australia. Grant holds a Certificate III in Construction, a Graduate Certificate in Fire Investigation from Charles Sturt University, is a member of the National Association of Fire Investigators (USA), and has been a volunteer member of the NSW Rural Fire Service for the past ten years.



Simon Wojcik is an Australian based entrepreneur, founder of 3 tech startups and Co-Founder & COO of the BeThere™ Group.  Before venturing out on his own, Simon was a National Account Manager for a consumer electronics distributor. His portfolio included some of the largest retailers in Australia.  Although very well respected in the industry, his entrepreneurial spirit was always going to eventually present an opportunity to pursue his own passion.

Simon’s first startup was a drone importation business. When the company launched in 2010 it was the first importer and supplier of large, heavy lift UAV’s into the country, paving the way for exponential growth of drones and aerial photography related services

into the Australian market. Whilst working with some global companies like Insitu Pacific (Boeing), a number of government agencies in Australia and the Royal Hashemite court in Jordan, another opportunity presented itself.

In 2016 Simon launched his second company utilising 3D scanning technology to capture “digital twins” of real-world spaces. Whilst the industry was concentrating on real estate applications, Simon focused his attention on tourism and commercial ventures. This has seen massive growth in not only the adoption of the technology in other industries but has also demonstrated Simon’s ability to understand the Australian market, launch new products and services, whilst grow and scaling a business in a very short span of time.

Simon holds a CASA Chief pilot certification with various qualifications & certificates in Business management & marketing, graphic design, videography and is a Getty and Google trusted photographer with over 5 million views world wide.


"To Enhance, Engage, Accelerate and Deliver the benefits of virtual reality and associated technologies to all organisations to help growth, maximise profit and deliver a better customer experience".


We have a number of strategic partners that are helping us on this journey.  Stay tuned and all will be reviled.