Aged Care

Aged Care

A 3D tour is designed to engage people during the initial process of conducting online research. Our previous initiatives have identified that over 90% of a consumers initial research into suitable products and services, begins online. Here is where the opportunity lies to maximise customer engagement and ensure your facility stands out against the competition.  It was also revealed that a large number of people considering making the move into an aged care, independent living or retirement facility, enlist the help of their children.

Searching for a suitable aged care facility can be an overwhelming experience for most people. The industry is highly competitive, choices endless and allocating time to visit all of them can be difficult.  Virtual tours offer a real 3D representation of your space. This allows potential clients to walk around the facility as if they are actually there, without any distractions which creates a familiarity with the space, further enhancing the experience when they actually visit in person.

The virtual tour is aimed to assist in a number of areas:

1: Create higher engagement at the begining of the customer journey.

2: Assist with short listing facility for a physical visit.

3: Offer a superior online visitor experience over your competition.

4: Capture Plant Equipment in order to provide detail to suppliers for preventative maintenance contracts.

5: Insurance – Used during the underwriting process to capture the property in its entirety and its contents.


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