In May 2019, BeThere™ Special projects documented the St James Tunnels in collaboration with Sydney Trains and Transport NSW. St James railway station is a heritage-listed underground commuter rail station that is located on the City Circle, at the northern end of Hyde Park in the Sydney central business district of New South Wales, Australia. St James station is notable for the abandoned tunnels connected to the station. This project will provide many generations to come the ability to walk through the tunnels as if they were there and discover the history that lies within.


The year is 1915, and Jon bradfield an engineer for the NSW department of public works, had just returned from a fact finding mission through Europe and the United States with plans for 2 monumental projects. The Sydney harbour bridge would be what Bradfield is remembered for but the first of the 2 projects, was to build an underground rail network that would benefit generations to come, So In the early 1920’s work commenced on executing Bradfords vision. St James station in Hyde park was constructed between 1922 and 1926 using nothing more than the strength of man and horse.