Special Projects


At BeThere™ Special Projects, we understand the importance of capturing every aspect of your project and the benefits of incorporating virtual reality technology as an improved way of collating and preserving the project.  3D virtual tours give you the opportunity to create a digital version of your physical space – a “digital twin”.  It allows people to establish a connection with the site from anywhere in the world. That’s why BeThere™ Special Projects offers a unique, tailor-made solution for any industry and any project type and size, from preserving a site of historical significance to showcasing a state of the art facility.

We have a team of experienced photographers, videographers, 3D technicians and even underwater divers, to capture your project in the best possible way. Once the footage has been collected, our in-house editing team collate the data and create your tailor made virtual space.



Virtual reality now allows us to document our historical buildings in a way that has never been possible before.  It not only gives us the ability to capture the building for future generations to view, but also provides a “digital twin” of the space in the event of a catastrophe or for heritage listings.

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Searching for the most suitable child care can be an overwhelming experience for most parents. Many parents are time poor, so by making the choice easy, engaging them at the start of the customer journey online with a virtual tour,  your centres are guaranteed to make the short list.

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A large number of people considering making the move into an aged care, independent living or retirement facility, enlist the help of their children. Virtual tours offer a real 3D representation of the space allowing potential clients to walk around the facility from the comfort of their home.

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