BeThere™ Powered by Talespin offers best in class, cinematic virtual reality training, designed specifically for the insurance industry.  Off-the-shelf learning content allows for cost effective integration into any organisation.

New generations entering the workforce, technology impacting the workplace, and changing career models have brought about a need for more flexible employee onboarding, training and up-skilling.

Traditional training practices aren’t agile enough to keep pace with these dynamics, and enterprises need to close skills gaps and accelerate workforce transformation. Virtual reality technology has emerged as a solution to these challenges, as it is proven to accelerate employee learning, make training more efficient, and offers the scale enterprises need to have a significant impact on their businesses.

"Learning is the process where knowledge is created through the transformation of experiences"


The insurance industry faces critical challenges that will reshape the industry and dramatically transform how organisations work in the sector. From automation and technological advances to new generations entering the workforce, insurers are navigating significant changes as they seek to adapt and advance their businesses.

At BeThere™, we view immersive technology as the solution that will help insurers embrace these changes and transform their workforce practices to deliver the best possible customer and employee experiences. Our VR partners Talespin have spent the past 4 years working with leading insurers and SMEs to develop XR (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) workforce solutions specifically designed for insurers.



BeThere™ is excited to have the insurance industry’s first off-the-shelf virtual reality training content library. VR training is proven to deliver accelerated learning, trainee satisfaction, and increased decision-making accuracy in the field. By making VR training more accessible, and offering training content in an off-the-shelf format, we are lowering the barrier to entry for insurers to recognise VR’s proven ROI.


In this learning module, the learner is tasked with investigating and scoping a residential water damage claim in VR. Playing the role of a Claims Representative, the learner rapidly builds experience by breaking the physical boundaries of what is typically possible in training and virtually experiencing what it’s like to perform this task in the real world.


In this learning module, the learner quickly learns the core construction materials, components, and concepts that go into building a residential home. The module’s experiential nature improves the retention of foundational knowledge, helping employees gain critical subject matter familiarity to deliver the best possible customer experiences.



In this learning module, the learner takes on the role of a Claims Representative and engages in virtual role-play with an AI character representing a 3rd party claimant. The learner must practice conversational techniques to discuss the claimant’s shared responsibility in an automobile accident, developing confidence and critical interpersonal skills.


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